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Best RO Water Purifier

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Whenever one types these words - Best RO Water Purifier in google majority of the times he /she is looking for a simple answer in the form of the exact brand along with the model which is amongst the best sellers. Many bloggers often write about specific brands based on which readers make their decision of purchasing a certain brand of water purifier. However, if you are expecting anything of this sort then you will be disappointed as we have written this blog to help you decide your brand and not our recommendation.

Some important factors should always be kept in mind before figuring out the

Best RO Water Purifier for you:

(1) Service Level of a brand in your area: Out of all the available parameters we should keep Service as the topmost factor which will impact the decision in favour of any particular brand of RO water purifier. One buys RO to get an uninterrupted supply of clean and pure drinking water but this happens only when you get your RO water purifier serviced regularly. Your brand helps in providing after-sales service and if it provides timely service and repair work you have all the reason to celebrate your decision. Your water purifier is of no use if it does not work properly or is shut off for long in need of service. In such circumstances, you have to depend on bottled water or other ways of getting pure water which is nothing but just compromising with your health. There are many brands available in the

market today and you must have few thoughts coming to your mind regarding those brands. It is our humble request to all our readers to check the service level of your preferred brand in your area before taking a final call. Now the question is that how can one check the service level:

(a) Ask your neighbours and few retailers downstairs - Enquire a few of your neighbours if they are using your preferred brand. If yes, how they would rate their service parameters. If they are not using your brand then what all brands they are using and how satisfied they are by using those brands. Further, few of the retailers who are into multi-branded sales and are often located outside almost every residential society will also help you in gathering the information about the service level of brands in your area. Always try to ask more than 3 to 4 retailers to protect yourself from favouritism or biased behaviour for any preferred brand.

(b) Look for social media handles of the brands: Look for social media handles of these brands and try to go through the common problems that existing clients are facing. It will not be difficult to identify common issues. You can also ask a few common questions there about their service level, their office address, their service centre address and other details which you can verify by visiting if need be. It is necessary because this is a matter of your health and you need to invest both time and money and not only money. Be smart and always make a wise decision.

(2) Price of the RO Purifier: Now comes the price part. Price is also one of the important factors in making your decision. Please remember all the water purifiers or ROs have a common task of reducing the TDS level in your water. RO water purifiers help in making your water safe and all the available machines work on similar technology. So, paying hefty money for some brands or looks/ aesthetic alone is not a logical approach in making such decisions. You are paying more money than the actual value just because of someone’s brand value which is in fact a wastage of your money. We request you to refrain from doing so and always try to find value for money deal.

(3) The technology of water purifier: You do not necessarily require a RO every time. RO which is a short form of Reverse Osmosis is a type of water purification method. If your water is high on TDS like more than 500 PPM then you surely require RO to minimize the TDS levels. However, if you are getting supplied water from the municipality and have TDS below 500 then you don’t require RO but UV (Ultra violet), UF (Ultra Filtration) filters or a combination of both can be taken. Thus, always check the TDS level of your water before choosing the Best RO Water Purifier.

(4) Storage Capacity of the tank of purifier: Storage capacity of the filtered water is always taken into consideration when you have a big family. For instance, if you have a 5-member family and have a storage capacity of 7 litres then you will find it problematic as most of the time your supply of drinking water would be lower than the required demand. When you have a small family like say 3 members then going for big storage capacity won’t be of much use. So, align this feature as per your requirement.

(5) The capacity of Purifier to clean water: All machines have a certain capacity to clean water. It varies from 10 to 12 litres and can go up to as high as 20 to 30 litres per hour in some machines. Again, this is commonly taken into consideration looking at the family size. The small family may go for a lower rate of purification her hour and larger family may select a high purification rate of water per hour. High capacity for water purification per hour will help in getting a regular supply of clean water for consumption.

(6) Warranty on the RO, Water Purifier: It is also important to know beforehand if your dealer is providing you any warranty for your machine or not. Always look for a warranty on the parts and spares used in your purifiers. Check for all the coverage in detail and ensure it is enforced when you make a purchase. The warranty often assures you that parts and spares used are of good quality and no cheap product has been used. So always ask for a warranty.

(7) Cost of Spares and Filters: At times we ignore this but we have to pay a heavy price for this ignorance. Water Purifier and RO machine need periodic service and replacement of filters as they all have a fixed life. Most of the filters have life in terms of gallons of water filtered and stop working when their life is over. If the cost of these spares or filters is high then you always tend to burn a hole in your pocket. Check in advance for the approximate price of such filters and compare the same with other brands to find the best and economical service cost.

(8) Other Charges demanded by service providers: Often the majority of service providers ask for charges like visit charge, service charge, conveyance charge, etc. in addition to the cost of materials used in service or repair. These charges vary from brand to brand and are different from locations to locations. These charges are often like hidden charges which need to be clarified at the very beginning as this will help you in arriving to the actual service cost you would be charged.

(9) Warranty on Replaced Parts / Filters: In most cases you will never be given any type of warranty on the serviced parts or replaced filters at the time of normal service or repairs. But as a client, you should always ask for a warranty on these parts as well. It is because many service providers change all the filters despite the need to change any single one and this is just done to earn more. Insisting for some minimum warranty will help you in protecting your rights and your service provider will not play dirty tricks on you.

(10) AMC or On-Call Service / Repairs: AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a common tool to acquire customers for a fixed duration by different brands. As you have already paid in advance for a fixed duration of time, you cannot change your service providers irrespective of your satisfaction level. If you have done proper research and followed all the above points you must have an idea about the approximate amount that you will need to spend on the service and repair work. Now compare this cost with the AMC charge and you will come to know about the answer. Also check for all facilities and services which will be provided and always insist on written terms and conditions before choosing any AMC plan.

Water Assure RO Purifier Services Logo and one smiling drinking water image with an idea which is demostated by light bulb and crossed coins promoting Don't waste your money on AMC
Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

By now you must have figured out that you should take your own decision and find on your own what is best for you. No one else can tell you what is best for you. We know that one cannot be the master of everything but everyone has their basic acumen which helps them make their own decision. Combine that acumen along with all the relevant points mentioned above in the article and you will zero down on the exact product you are looking for.

Whenever you do some research work on your own and make a decision, chances are that it is the best for you rather than someone suggesting you the same. We are sure by now you must have started the research work.

Happy Buying the Best RO Water Purifier.

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