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Copper RO Water Filter & Its Benefits

Health is the most precious asset everyone possesses, and losing it can cost one a lot, physically, mentally, socially and economically. At times, the consequences can be fatal, too if the health condition is too poor. On that context, the primary factor that helps in maintaining good health is the right intake of nutrients that can support the metabolism of the body at its best.

Nutrient Classification

Nutrients are classified into two categories depending on the amount required by the body, as macronutrients and micronutrients, the one required in large and small quantities respectively. Micronutrients encompass copper, zinc, and many other vital nutrients that required in optimal amounts for perfect functioning of the body. Explore to understand the benefits of a major micronutrient – copper, its benefits and top reasons to go for Copper RO filters.

The need for copper filters

The need to opt copper filters is basically due to the ample benefits rendered by copper. Copper is a micronutrient/trace element and required in amounts of one to three milligrams by the body to avoid deficit (as per the research undertaken by the World Health Organisation). The deficit of copper in the body can, in turn, cause a plethora of diseases. They can be anaemia-like symptoms, osteoporosis, abnormalities in the bone as well as in the metabolism of glucose and cholesterol, neutropenia, hyperthyroidism, hypopigmentation, increased incidence of infections, impaired growth, etc. Meanwhile, having enough amount of copper in the body can enhance the strength of the immune system and render greater wellbeing into the individuals. Here are some of the top benefits of copper amidst the sea of other benefits.

1. Strengthen immunity

Copper, in combination with iron, has a major role in the building and reinforcing the immunity system of the body, since their combination is essential in the production of red blood cells. At the same time, as mentioned above, deficiency in copper can lead to severe ailments like neutropenia, whereby the amount of white blood cells in the body is lowered. The implications of this condition can be so serious, i.e. one might fall ill often since the immunity boosters, white blood cells are less in number. Hence, copper must be supplied to the body to boost immunity.

Also, immunity is associated with every other organ’s wellbeing, proper functioning and their right coordination with the immune system. Copper ensures all of these by offering the best benefits. Thus, it helps the immune system to keep a good hold of the body and work at its best.

2. Enhances Bone and Joint health

Copper is one of the major constituents of material density of the bone, and thus, low levels of copper can lead to deficiency and eventually osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become so weak and fragile. Above all, insufficiency of copper in the body can pave a path for collagen depletion in the bone that can further cause fractures as well as skeletal abnormalities. The results are so disastrous because the collagens are the key structural constituent in bones. Also, anti-inflammatory properties found in copper can lessen the arthritis pain and ensure better joint health.

3. The development of the brain and nervous system

Copper is the key element behind the normal development of the brain as well as the nervous system. It also plays a crucial role in the generation and maintenance of required amounts of myelin, a substance that insulates the nerve cells for ensuring the proper transmission of signals/nerve impulses. Also, for ensuring the timely and channelized communication between nerve cells, neurotransmitters are essential, and copper is involved in that process too. Thus, the absence of this inevitable element – copper, can lead to several serious changes in the body, like the degeneration of the entire nervous system.

4. Resisting ailments

Apart from strengthening the immune system, copper also resists microbial attacks, safeguarding the body from ailments. The actual study has found that more than an atom of copper per cell can destroy microbes. This very toxicity of copper has offered helping hands to humans to prevent microbial invasions and infections.

The white blood cells of the immune system, upon activation, engulf the invader by surrounding it. Then, the cells boost the copper levels in them, which eventually ruptures the invaders. Hence, low levels of copper affect the immune system, and further, the individual falls sick often.

5. Functioning of cell

Apart from all the major organs and organ systems that demand the copper for great functioning, even the tiniest building blocks of the body, the cells require copper in considerable amounts for the right functioning. Firstly, the cell organelle, mitochondria, for the release of cellular energy, i.e. ATP inside it, requires a copper constituent enzyme. Next, the copper molecules inside the body also neutralize the high energy free radicals and help in preventing the healthy and normal cells from being destroyed or ruptured by the free radicals. Finally, copper helps in combating heart disease and cancer, and thus a deficiency of copper can cause both.

Why should you opt for Copper RO filters

The benefits of copper are thus myriads. Thus, the right amount of copper levels in the body is also essential. Maintaining 1–3 milligram of copper does not demand additional supplements. It only requires you to take the right quantities of copper for the body. And for that, it must go hand in hand with other vital food items required, with access to right and pure forms of intake. For this, the only way available is taking copper along with water. Earlier, water was stored in copper pots/vessels. Presently, to ease the task, we have Copper RO filters which should be opted for many benefits like the following:

1. Kills microbes

Copper’s quantity of more than one atom per cell is injurious to most of the microbes. Thus, having Copper RO filters can kill the bacteria due to the significant amount of copper present. The water is then, sterilized and harmful microbes, especially bacteria, and one has access to nutrient-rich (copper-rich), as well as clean water.

2. Digestion

Water generally aids in proper digestion. Copper water goes an extra edge in aiding digestion by eliminating the toxins in the stomach. Also, since the copper water possesses anti-bacterial properties, it helps the desired bacteria to fight the bad, unfavoured bacteria in the digestive tract. Above all, the vibrant melange of anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties helps the body in healing from ulcers.

3. Skin health

Copper helps in enhancing skin health. It lessens the pace of the aging process by reducing the development of wrinkles as well as fine lines. Also, infections, wounds in skin heal better and faster with the confluence of anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of copper. Finally, the antioxidant properties help the skin to retain its glow.

4. Maintaining thyroxin levels

The thyroid is one of the major glands involved in the growth and maturation of an individual. Defaults in the production of thyroxin by the gland can occur as two levels – hypo and hyper levels. Studies have found that these variations and disorders occur due to an imbalance in the level of copper. Thus, drinking water rich in copper can help in coping with the functions of the major gland – thyroid.

5. Cardiovascular health

The optimum levels of copper, if found in the body, can help to have good cardiovascular health since it keeps cardiovascular ailments at bay. Copper has got these properties since it can lower the blood pressure and at the same time, it is also proven to prevent plaque accumulation in the arteries. Thus, both the factors of heart disease are in check, implying copper promotes sound cardiovascular health.

6. Fighting anaemia

Anaemia is of multiple types, and the most common one is iron deficiency anaemia. But, one can actually get through anaemia and be fine with the right levels of copper intake. It is because the copper can ensure that iron from the digestive system is absorbed and supplied to cells via the blood.

7. Arthritis relief

Arthritis is finding swollenness and tenderness in joints. Copper does this by its innate property – anti-inflammatory property, by which inflammation is reduced in joints, and muscular structures are reinforced. These dual roles offer arthritis relief to people drinking water after processed in Copper RO filters.

8. Cognitive significance

A sound mind is required in a sound body for utmost efficiency. Copper is involved in many aspects of cognitive significance – crucial in the production of neurotransmitters that render effective communication between neurons. Also, copper renders the fullest support in preventing seizure of the brain too.

The Final Verdict

Copper offers enormous amounts of benefits. To tap into the potential of copper, one must take it as a part of the daily diet, and the best way to take it would be with water. The Copper RO filters, thus perfectly render the fullest benefits by coffering water rich in copper and it must be opted considering reasons like the above. It is time to buy the best copper RO for your home for drinking nutrient-rich pure water!

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