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CORONA VIRUS and Growing Need Of RO Water Purifier

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Corona Virus in Drinking Water
Water is also not safe from Corona Virus

The stakes today for an unhealthy body are higher today more than ever before as we battle the COVID-19 that surrounds us like an invisible fire breathing monstrosity spreading its germs.

Water is also which can’t be ignored. Though there are below models of RO water purifier available for fighting against all the viruses but we will discuss all the scenario in details:






Those who are vulnerable have weak immunity and low strength as they become easy targets to health hazards like the current ongoing pandemic situation. Now the question is - Is there no way out? Are there no strategies that we can put to use to safeguard ourselves from this wildly escalating contagion? Untrue.

The coronavirus has the entire globe in its grips, and humankind is desperate for measures to keep it at bay. Water, like in most scenarios, is to our rescue. The vitality of water is yet again proved in human survival as we battle the plague that has hit us so unpredictably and without much precedence in the contemporary world.

COVID-19 and Water

The global pandemic is spreading like wildfire, and its threat is as dire too. Every family wishes nothing more than to protect the health of loved ones. Everything you touch or consume comes with the threat of it carrying the coronavirus. In such a situation, choosing the right water purifier to ensure health is critical.

Combatting the epidemic requires fitness and strength. Water being the essential minimum requirement for a healthy functioning body brings into the limelight the importance of safe and healthy drinking water. You and your family must have access to virus-free water with an assurance that it is free of the virus as well as other bacteria and harmful substances that risk the robustness of the consumer.

Water - A Necessity for Survival against Disease

It is but rightly said – pure water is the world's first, foremost medicine. While scientists and doctors work without a breath to find a permanent cure or vaccine for COVID-19, we are stuck imagining the worst possible scenarios of the pandemic-engulfing life. But helplessness won't help us in this dreadful situation. Our health and our immunity, our inner strength, will. The role of water in health is more than clear, but the vitality of its application is more crucial now than ever. Our battle against the coronavirus will not be won until we accept that we must keep ourselves healthy to refrain from being susceptible to the harm that the virus brings.

Water flushes out toxins, cleanses us of whatever is undesired by the body, improves digestion and metabolism to prepare us to function and fight. But the most important of all, it builds up immunity, strengthens our body not to give in but confront diseases head-on.

Water is our warrior, fighting our battles against diseases for us. We must have access to clean drinking water. Pure and high-quality water is a prerequisite for a healthy body, and it is vital, especially in situations of emergency and disaster, such as the present situation. But is the water we have access to safe?

Provisions by the Government

To control the spread of the deadly virus, even the government is trying to put its best foot forward to provide the people with clean, life-saving water. Washing hands often with soap and clean water is found to be the most effective and practical strategy to ward off COVID-19 dangers. The urgent need to meet water supply demands is taken up as a priority by the government, and required measures are put into play.

1. Public Health Engineering Departments are looking into the needs of the slums and other areas where water supply is deficient. Especially vulnerable populations like those in quarantine hospitals, nursing homes, and relief camps require special care, and the government is not backing down from any measures that could provide them with adequate provisions of safe, portable water.

2. Apart from ensuring water supply, it is necessary that the water is safe for which chlorine tablets, bleaching powder, alum, etc. are also being provided. The purifying chemicals are being considered among the essential commodities, and their procurement is being made as widely accessible as possible.

3. Public stand posts providing water have increased supply hours, and the Ministry of Health Affairs is looking into ensuring that no house goes without access to safe drinking and usable water, for it is perhaps our only weapon in the combat against COVID-19.

Water Treatment – Consequential in Curbing the Pandemic

In the wake of the global pandemic, with water being our saving grace, it is crucial to treat water, making it safest for consumption and other uses to keep germs away and our surroundings sanitized. Studies have shown that the virus can be transported in water droplets, so it is of immense prominence that we evaluate the virus's contagiousness through the water. This would involve ensuring that the water we use is safe and pure. Water purification, thus, holds much imminence and must not remain unchartered territory in our efforts to fight COVID-19. Water purifiers use advanced technology that filters out viruses and bacteria that cause harm, making our water consumption safe and healthy. Water treatment and purification, then, is the need of the hour.

Keeping the Virus at Bay

Several strategies have proven effective in keeping our surroundings virus free and ensure a clean and healthy environment, especially in the current scenario where health must be a priority.

1. Washing hands as often as possible with clean water and lathering soap is of prime importance. We are often unaware of what we touch, and the germs that are invisible to the naked eye take advantage of this. However, often washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, especially before eating, is a proven strategy effective in warding off the virus.

2. Using alcohol-based sanitizers only is important because they alone ensure the killing of the virus that may transmit from our hands to our faces and mouths, leaving us exposed and eventually a victim at the hands of the virus.

3. Often touched surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly with disinfectants and sanitizers as they are the ground for the contagion. Although touching random surfaces must be avoided at all costs, in-house surfaces that may inevitably be in contact must be sanitized.

4. Many fall victims to diseases caused by bacteria and viruses that get transferred from our saliva to our toothbrushes, making them a germ-zone. Their thorough cleaning with clean hot water is essential, they must be placed in an upright position, and they must be replaced every three months to safeguard ourselves from intaking the germs that they breed.

5. Our clothes and bed sheets must be washed frequently and meticulously as well. The cloth surface provides ground for the virus to survive up to 72 hours.

6. Our cell phones are in constant contact with our hands and our faces. They become carriers of germs but are often forgotten to be added to the list of things that require regular sanitization and proper cleansing.

7. The water we consume must be pure and safe. The RO water purifiers that the markets provide today use advanced technologies that filter out the viruses and bacteria that harm our health. As important as it is to consume adequate amounts of water to flush out toxins and cleanse the internals, it is as important to ensure that it is purified. Not just the water we drink, but the water used to wash fruits and vegetables and the water we use to bathe must also be safe and cleaned.

It’s Time To Make Health a Priority

More now than ever, health and immunity must be foremost in our list of priorities and concerns as our strategy to fight and possibly defeat the coronavirus. Along with washing hands often, sanitizing our surroundings, and watching what we touch, increasing clean water intake is crucial to clear out the insides of our body just as our outsides need to be. Water consumption facilitates flushing out toxins, which is equivalent to cleaning our surroundings to make it virus-free.

Importance of Water Purifiers

Undesired organic and inorganic compounds contaminate water and must be removed to make it safe for drinking. The typical water comping from the taps in your home might be clear, but a plethora of deadly pathogens and viruses hide in plain sight and poses a threat to your health. Water purifiers play a significant role in protecting you from health hazards that could result from the consumption of contaminated water.

Increasingly advancing technologies have made it possible to purify and enhance the quality of drinking water, making it a healthier choice. Purified water is better for cooking, tastes better, and helps improve digestion, skin problems like acne, and even strengthen immunity.

A family drinking correctly purified water is in a better position to wade off the threat of COVID-19 and other illnesses. Take this step ahead into a healthier lifestyle by adopting the practice of drinking purified water, especially amidst a global pandemic.

Beating COVID-19 with Water Assure RO

Several viruses are transmitted and sometimes even borne in water. In such a fearsome situation with the world in the grips of COVID-19, how do you safeguard yourself and your loved ones against the exposure? Purified water intake is amongst the strategies we must apply to keep our selves healthy and safe in the face of adversity. Advanced water purification technology brought to you by Water Assure RO’s Products have you covered.


With the tank capacity of 10 liters, this water purifier has the special feature of added mineral to increase its ability to decontaminate water, making it safe and drinkable, improving the quality of water. Priced at Rs 8000.00 only, the RO+UV+UF+TDS+B12 has a production capacity of 12 liters per hour. Its advanced anti-bacterial filter facilitates undesired cleansing elements and purifying water.


This product is featured as a “value for money” product priced at Rs 5000.00. it uses power voltage of AC 220-230v/50HZ with the power consumption of approximately 30W. It has a tank capacity of 10 liters and is a great pick for those in need of a good water purifier and also need to keep the price under their budget.


Another one of the great products offered by Water Assure RO is RO+UV+UF+TDS, with anti-bacterial filters that enhance purification and boost the refinement of water. It costs Rs 6,200.00 and includes the water purifier, the installation kit, and the user manual. It is easy to use and filters water well to make it salutary.

The anti-bacterial filter removes all the harmful pathogens from the water and provides safe and healthy water for drinking.


A great pick for water filtering and purification, this product maintains an adequate pH level of drinking water to increase its health benefits. An adequate pH level of water is crucial, which is generally close to 7. If the value deviates from the normal point, then the water is acidic or alkaline in nature, which can be harmful to human bodies.

The water purifier ensures safe water and adjusts the pH level to the normal constraint. It has a 10 liter capacity with 12 liters per hour production capacity.


This product is amongst the top picks and best sells of the products at Water Assure RO. It is valued at Rs 8000.00 and has advanced copper filters that not only purify the water from contaminants but also enrich it.

Copper is a natural purifier and works fittingly to provide healthy drinking water. It has a 10-liter capacity with 12 liters per hour production capacity which can easily cater to your water needs for different purposes.

Some Last Words

With its great range of purifiers, Water Assure RO Purifier Services aims to provide its customers with an upper hand in this battle against COVID-19. Delivery and installation by the company will follow set procedures to ensure the safety of the consumers as well. In the wake of this global pandemic, Water Assure RO provides a hand to move a step ahead in health and safety, a step ahead towards fighting and defeating the pandemic amidst us. So, stop waiting and contact us for any further information regarding any water purifier.

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