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RO Repair Service in Ahmedabad

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In today’s scenario where impurity has taken the first place, we cannot ignore the importance of RO and other water purifiers in our life. These purifiers have become so indispensable in our lives that it comes to a standstill when we face irregular supply of pure water. We all have experienced this at some point of time in our lives.

Few common reasons which have led this to be an important part of our daily lives are listed as below:

  • Pure water is used for drinking and this helps us in leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Water is a common ingredient for preparing other beverages like tea, soda water, cold drink, etc. and we cannot imagine these beverages without pure water.

  • Pure water is used for cleaning raw food items, used in preparing or cooking food. No one prefers using impure water for cooking food.

  • Pure water is used for cleaning dishes, utensils and other accessories used for cooking and consuming food.

  • Pure water is used for cleaning your body parts like brushing, bathing, etc. and it helps in keeping your skin healthy as this is pollutant-free.

When we start our day after waking up from bed in the morning, we cannot imagine our life without pure water. We all will agree that no beverages can replace normal and clean water and so it is very important for us to get a regular supply of the same.

Some common problems which lead to the issue of irregular supply of pure water in homes are faulty RO purifiers or

Breakdown of the RO purifiers.

Common symptoms of fault in your RO purifiers can be listed as below and also mentioned are some troubleshooting that you can do on your own:

  • RO stopped working completely: When your RO water purifier does not get switched on when you put on the electric switch that shows that your machine has stopped completely, you need to check your electric switch and plugs first to identify that switch is not at fault. After that you need to take out the plug and thoroughly check the wire to locate any cut or fault in the electric wire. If you do not find any such error that means you need to call us for detailed checking. Please note some common reasons for such a response of water purifier may be faulty filters, a faulty pump or other electrical parts of the machine and it requires expert attention.

  • Bad taste or after taste in water: If your water has some after taste and you find some taste which you have not experienced before then please be informed that your machine’s membrane needs attention. The membrane helps in removing chemicals and other biological impurities from water and provides you a good taste.

  • Slow water from the water purifier tap: When you notice that water flow has slowed down from your water purifier you can do some basic troubleshooting on your own. Check for the current force in your water supply, if there is an issue in the supply water force this will naturally slow down the water force in the RO purifier. But if there is no issue in the supply water go for calling a technician to repair the same. Anyone or a few of the other filters might need a replacement and when done you will get normal water force.

  • Leakage inside the machine: Sometimes you must have noticed water droplets on the interior wall of the purifier cabinet. These droplets are formed due to leakage of water inside the machine. This leakage of water is often caused due to any loose joints between two filters or excessive water pressure which results in damaging the filter line. You need to call the RO Service near me to get this corrected.

water droplets can be seen on cabinet of RO purifier which shows that it is leaking

  • Machine Making Unusual Noise: All purifiers make some noise when they filter water which is due to the passing of water with certain force from one filter to another and starting of the pump but when you notice unusual noise from a machine that could be because of the faulty alignment of the drain line. Another probable reason could be a change of water pressure very frequently which goes inside the filters. please call the water purifier technician to solve the issue.

Now that we have read about some common problems which may affect your machine you always need to ensure that you opt for regular service.

Regular service helps you in the following ways:

  • Healthy Machine: Regular service helps you in maintaining a healthy machine. You will experience less or no breakdown if you are opting for regular service. Ideally you should get your RO water purifier serviced every 3 to 4 months. This helps in the long life of the filters inside the machine. Please note that all filters are aligned in a sequence and each performs its assigned task. Some filters like outer bowl spun filters need to be changed every 3 months as it separates large particles and gets choked up easily. If you do not get this changed regularly it stops working efficiently and large particles get inside other filters slowing down the same and reduces the life of another filter.

  • Uninterrupted Pure Water Supply: When your machine is serviced regularly it helps in proper and regular working of the machine which ensures your pure water supply is not disrupted. If you are getting a proper and regular supply of pure water believe me your chance of leading a healthy life increases. This also helps in getting good skin, healthy hairs and glowing face.

Clean Water Flowing Down in a empty Glass
Pure Drinking Water

  • Healthy Life: As we all know by now that pure water is very important for us. It not only saves us from water-borne diseases but also helps in stopping the degradation of other food materials.

Women Jumping on water as doing exercise

  • Controls impurities in your water: Regular service ensure that your machine is always up and running smoothly and working fine. This helps RO and other water purifiers in controlling the impurities which are found in water and are generally in the form of chemical and other biological and suspended impurities.

  • Low maintenance cost: The majority of us have a common feeling that ignoring or delaying regular service helps in controlling the cost of maintaining the machine. This is a common myth and not opting for regular service leads to frequent breakdown of the purifier. Load on the internal filters increases and this cause shortening of the life of filters leading to frequent replacement. And always remember replacing a filter involves more cost than servicing them. So just go for a periodic service of the RO.

Now We will let you know why to choose only

Water Assure RO Purifier Services for RO Service and Repairs in Ahmedabad:

  • Affordable Service charge: We always offer the best proposition wherein you have to pay an economical service charge for any work whether it is service or repairs. Our spares are of high quality and you can always check in advance for the price of different spares which will help you in deciding the best for you. We believe in transparency and are just a call away.

  • Visit Charges Waived Off: We are covering all the areas of Ahmedabad and we have waived off the visit charge in the circumstance wherein we have performed some type of job on your machine. If you just call us for taking any advice or preventive check-up of the machine or about anything which you are not sure about, we just charge a small fee for covering our conveyance expenses. You always get the best RO service near me in Ahmedabad.

  • No to AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract): In my own experience I have always felt that the service person coming to my home for servicing the machine always tries to sell the AMC which are high on charge and very vague. No one provides anything in writing about the services and repairs they will provide and even if they prepare some type of chart that still leaves many questions unanswered. We would like to suggest our readers and clients that always look for a detailed answer to all the questions if you are planning to get yourself enrolled for any AMC. Also, during the whole year keep track of all the repairs or replacements done along with the visit of engineers and do a cost-benefit analysis before renewing it. We are sure most of you would drop your AMC.

  • We clean the storage tank also: We are pretty sure that most of us have not bothered to check whether our storage tank is cleaned by our service person or not. You won’t get this service listed on most of the service provider's website. But we boast of our service and would like to inform you that we clean the storage tank also whenever we do service of your RO purifier.

  • We invest in our Staff: We know that our service representative represents our brand in front of you. We provide regular training to our service team and ensure they have good technical knowledge as well as soft skills. We believe in the overall development of our team. If you notice chance of improvement you can always leave us a feedback on waterassure2@gmail.com

  • Wide scope of services to opt for: We provide a wide variety of products and services for our clients to choose from in all the areas of Ahmedabad:

(a) Purchase of a new range of water purifiers at affordable prices.

(b) Installation of the machine

(c) Dismantling service for shifting homes

(d) Periodic Service Requests.

(e) Repair Services whenever you need.

In a nutshell we are here to help our customers by way of providing the best and economical RO repairs and service in Ahmedabad. We cover all major areas of Ahmedabad and we ensure you have a good experience with us.

Click to Book Your Service or Repairs.

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