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RO Service Near Me

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

RO Service near me is the most widely searched terminology on google today. Now the question is what is the reason for so many people searching this. At the first glance this looks very common but this is actually not so common and let us understand why?

When we look around us, purity is the buzzword and everyone is looking for purity around them - pure water, pure air, pure food etc. We often listen to and read the news about adulteration in daily need commodities like milk which is adulterated by mixing shampoo and other chemicals, use of artificial colors made from toxic chemicals to make vegetable and fruits look fresh and shiny etc. Vultures are now becoming extinct in India as most of them are dying due to use of a chemical called diclofenac. Now you would wonder what do vultures have to do with purity and water purifiers. We have to acknowledge the fact that food chains exist in our ecology and all of us are part of these food chains. Vultures eat the carcass of animals and diclofenac currently banned in India was widely used for anti-inflammatory drug in livestock. Vultures would eat the livestock after their deaths and this in turn would lead to infection by diclofenac which ultimately lead to their deaths. This has led to the threat of extinction of vultures. This is exactly the same we are doing to ourselves. We are using high amount of pesticides and insecticides in our crops which is not only making the crops but also the final food which we are eating adulterated. Pesticides are also polluting the water table which is a matter of grave concern as the water which oozes the ground and forms the water table is high on these pesticides and is contaminating the ground water. Increased level of economic activity has led to setting up of many factories. We are now facing a major challenge of discharge of effluents from these factories to rivers without treating them. Even rivers like Ganga and Yamuna have become so polluted that Government has to intervene by making special arrangements to clean them again and again.

We all know that we get water from below sources:

(1) Ground water: Underground water tables

(2) Surface water – In the form of rivers, lakes, ponds and tanks.

We have already seen that the water which we are using is contaminated. In some of the major cities and towns water is made available to the residents by local municipalities. Authorities clean these by treating them with chlorine and other approved processes. However, the question still remains - what should be done to the old pipelines through which water is distributed and also about the cleanliness of overhead tanks in which the water is stored.

All these factors have led to use of water purifiers and this is always a wise decision which helps in taking control of your health by way of consuming pure water. We also have other ways of cleaning water but why only water purifier? Click here for more details on why water purifier is needed.

Wide use of water purifier has led to coming up of many sales and service providers in the market. All these service providers boast of their products and services and try to attract customers. Most of the times focus shifts from customer to revenue and this leads to increasing dissatisfaction amongst customers. Dissatisfied customers start searching new service providers and the vicious circle starts.

Some common reasons which are leading to increased dissatisfaction amongst the customers are listed as below:

(1) Selling AMC rather than offering service - Majority of the service providers are now busy selling AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) rather than providing service to customers. Now a days service engineers have become service sales men. You must have felt this with you also, isn’t it? In AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) a single lumpsum amount is charged in advance by service providers. Even after making an advance payment, the customers have to be after their service providers for servicing of their water purifiers rather than the service providers chasing the customers. The basic concept of business is “customer is king” but remember he is treated as king by such myopic service providers only till the time he has not paid the money. Once you have made an advance payment be ready to chase such service providers for getting timely service or repairs of RO.

(2) Replacing all the filters even if it is not necessary: Majority of the time whenever you call your service providers, they insist for changing all the filters irrespective of the problem. They do not give time to understand the actual issue and changing all filters helps them save time and needless to say earn a decent amount. They have to meet their individual targets of selling spare parts and doing rampant replacement of the same helps them achieve their targets. However, doing this every time leaves the customers fuming over increased service and maintenance cost.

(3) Sales Target is leading to no time for understanding the actual concern: Any quality work needs quality time. There was a time when monthly and daily targets used to be for sales executives only but now these targets are an integral part of the KPIs of service engineers also. Every day they have to complete services of a certain number of RO Purifiers and often this leads degraded level of service. This is not a good practice and the focus should always be on solving the problems of customers rather than chasing numbers.

(4) Not turning up on time: Water is very important for our daily lives and we cannot live without water. Now just imagine that your RO is not working and your service provider is not turning up for repair work. It is really scary. Service providers should be proactive rather than reactive. Asking customers about the status of their machine by making a simple phone call even before the customer calls and chases them should be the ideal scenario. It is really disappointing for customers to arrange pure drinking water from elsewhere just because RO service providers did not respond on time.

So now the million-dollar question is how should a customer choose the best RO Service near me?

We recommend to take well informed decision and consider few points as mentioned below in addition to your own valid ones for choosing the best:

(1) Service Provider Reachability: Is your service provider reachable on call, mail or through service request on website? Do you get connected easily or your call is just being forwarded from one caller to the other and keep on moving from here and there. If your service provider is not easily available you should definitely look for another.

(2) A big “No” to offer of service executive for his direct number: This is one common mistake that most of the customers make. They often come in short term benefit gimmick offered by few service executives and deal directly with them without involving the service provider. This is done just for saving a few bucks but always remember you are putting your health on risk as you do not know the quality of spares being used by the service executive. Further, it affects your warranty and there is no surety if the said executive will turn up next time or not.

(3) Service provider pushes too much for AMC: There are many service providers who just push for AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract). Please make a decision by weighing all the pros and cons involved and whether an AMC is even needed. If you want to opt for an AMC make sure to check what all is covered (service, spare parts replacement etc.) under the same. Also do ask for the terms and condition in black and white.

(4) Compare the Cost: Always check for the cost of different filters and other charges like - visit charge, service charge etc. Talk to a few service providers and compare their charges and services offered against the same and then decide which one suits you the most.

(5) Check if there is warranty on service or not: All the replaced filters have some fixed life. You can get the details of the same from your service provider. Different spare parts have a different life scale - like few will be in term of Litres, few in months or years etc. Always insist for some warranty you’re your service provider so that you are not taken for a ride by using cheap and poor-quality products.


Doing some background research and making well informed decision is always wise rather than just looking for RO service providers in a haphazard manner. All of the above points will help you in deciding the best water purifier services near you. Always choose the best amongst them and yes drink healthy water for a healthy lifestyle!!!

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