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Why Are RO, water purifiers Needed?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Not only Ahmedabad but the entire world is under fear of Corona Virus (COVID-19), and you have been learning from everyone including the Government authorities that you should consistently focus on prevention to avoid the infection. For instance, you should wash your hands frequently with soap and water. You should keep safe distance from everyone and avoid shaking hands with anyone. Furthermore, remember that your drinking water is likewise significant.

However, do we really need to be worried only about coronavirus (COVID-19)? What about the other viruses, bacteria and pathogens that lead to severe diseases which in turn lead to deaths of many people every year around the world. Ironically, most of these pathogens (viruses and bacteria) transmit through contaminated or polluted water. Waterborne diseases account for an estimated 1.5 million human deaths annually as per an estimate from World Health Organization. Yes, you read it right 1.5 million deaths, scary isn’t it. However, this has become so normal and part of our lives that we do not pay attention to such facts and figures and ignore them many a times.

Just to name a few diseases/illnesses and other viruses spread by contaminated water:

(i) Contaminated water carries viruses like Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E.

(ii) Impure water also carries bacteria like E Coli which may cause food poisoning.

(iii) Diarrhoea, dysentery, Abdominal discomfort.

(iv) Cholera

(v) Typhoid etc.

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God forbid, if your drinking water is not pure and is contaminated, you are likely to get infected by oral consumption of the same and this fact cannot be ignored. All things considered; we can't live on the off chance that we don't drink water. So, the question that pops up here is -

How do we get pure water?

Below are the answers to this question?

(1) Use of RO water purifiers: Reverse osmosis (RO) is the process which uses a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, larger particles and unnecessary molecules from drinking water. Reverse osmosis can remove many types of dissolved and suspended chemical and biological species ones from water. It is thus recommended to preferably look for a RO purifier which can be installed in your home as you can get the best quality water for yourself and your family. RO controls the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of your water ensuring you get correct TDS levels. New RO machines come with TDS adjuster where in TDS level can be adjusted to best suit your need. The ideal TDS level for drinking water is below 300mg/L and the max permissible limit is 600mg/L as per BIS

Below are the pros and cons of RO:

Pros of RO water:

(i) Purity of water is always maintained. It is in your control to keep the cabinet and tap of purifier clean and dirt free. Never use the machine with dirty hands or don’t use dirty clothes to clean it.

(ii) RO Water has balanced minerals as TDS adjuster helps in retaining the minerals in water.

(iii) Options to use copper filter, alkaline filter to make your water more potable and livelier.

(iv) You can ensure regular functioning of the machine by maintaining it properly. This will help in uninterrupted supply of pure drinking water and ensure you and your family can have a healthy lifestyle.

Cons of RO water:

(i) Its is always debated that water purifier leads to removal of all minerals from the water required for a healthy body. However, now a days you have an option to go for TDS adjuster to always maintain the desired level of minerals in your drinking water. Contact Water Assure RO purifier services Ahmedabad for RO water purifier near me in Ahmedabad.

(ii) Maintenance of water purifiers involves a certain amount of money as its cost. You need to spend money every year for changing the filters and other spares. But do you really mind spending money on yourself and your families’ health? Water Assure RO purifier services Ahmedabad can be contacted for getting timely RO service and cost-effective RO Service near me in Ahmedabad or RO Repair Services near me in Ahmedabad.

RO Water Purifier Machine
RO Water Purifier

(2) Bottled water: Bottled water is the second source from where you can get clean drinking water for you. Indian market comprises of local bottled water suppliers who deliver water from their factories to individual households. They are considered to be a cheaper option as compared to installing RO machines at home. However, this source has its own pros and cons which are as below:

Pros of bottled water:

(i) They are cheaper.

(ii) They are suitable for bachelors or small families where water usage is limited.

(iii) Ease of handling as they don’t need power supply or are not mounted on walls or don’t need more space to be accommodated.

Cons of bottled water:

(i) Purity of water cannot be guaranteed as they are bottled,

transported in old, and dirty cans which have been used by many individuals / households before.

(ii) Many a times, there packaging and storing are done in highly unhygienic conditions and are often exposed to places where microbes can breed to contaminate it which is not good for our health.

(iii) Individuals handling the supply of bottled water on ground level do not maintain high standards of hygiene. They do not use gloves or do not have other facilities like tamper proof seals, they do not have machines required for transporting them from one place to other like from downstairs to other higher floors of your flats. Such bottles are often dragged, rolled on ground, elevators, stairs etc. which makes the bottle even more dirty and unhygienic for consumption.

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(3) Boiled Water: This is one of the conventional methods of getting pure water. You can boil water before use to make it germ free and pure. Below are the pros and cons of boiled water

Pros of boiled water:

(i) Boiling water is a very easy process and do not require any technical skills or knowledge.

(ii) Availability of boiled water is not an issue as you can boil water as and when needed and can also store it for later usage.

Cons of boiled water:

(i) It is not suitable for big families as it is not convenient to boil water every hour or so considering the high usage.

(ii) Boiling requires fuel and involves cost in form of LPG/ LNG or electricity based on availability.

(iii) In summer hot water is often not preferred and doesn’t quench the thrust.

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(4) Use of Iodine tablets also helps in getting pure water but due to the dominant taste of the same your water does not taste so great. Additionally, you need to wait at least for half an hour after treating the water with this tablet. Further, availability of iodine tablets is not common now a days.

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In a nutshell we can have the below comparison of the different ways of water purification on important parameters as below:

Thus, the crux of everything we discussed above is that at any given point of time the first thing that strikes a chord regarding drinking water, is its quality and purity. This is the very basic necessity that we as a healthy family consider. What is more, why not? By and large it is a matter of the wellbeing of us and our loved ones. Isn’t It?

After analysis of all the widely used methods of getting pure water the best solution to avoid not only any type of virus, bacteria or other microbe from making you sick is to drink filtered water which is safe and pure.

If we conclude based on the summary in the table above it will not be wrong to choose RO, Water purifiers as the best of all options available which can make your water safe for consumption. You can always take control of your and your beloved ones’ health by choosing the RO water purifiers for making your water safe and pure.

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